Russell Turner Russell Turner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (1994-1997)
Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department
University of Maryland Baltimore County

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Research Interests

Russell Turner's research interests include bioinformatics visualization, object-oriented software design, interactive 2D and 3D graphics, 3D character animation, GUI toolkit design and physics-based modeling..


Head-Tracked Stereo Viewing with Two-Handed 3D Interaction for Animated Character Construction.

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Metis: An Object-Oriented Toolkit for Constructing Virtual Reality Applications

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LEMAN: A System For Constructing and Animating Layered Elastic Characters

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The Elastic Surface Layer Model for Animated Character Construction

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Ph.D. Dissertation: Interactive Construction and Animation of Layered Elastic Characters

Interacting with Virtual Worlds
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Physically-Based Interactive Camera Control Using 3D Input Devices
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The Fifth Dimension User Interface
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