CMSC 653: Coding Theory & Applications

Instructor: S.J. Lomonaco, Jr.

Spring 1998

Course Description:

The course will consists of two parts, the first part on algebraic coding theory, the second part on quantum error-correcting codes.

Part I. Introduction to BSC,  BEC, and information theory. Linear Codes, standard array, maximum likelihood decoding, distance bounds, generator & parity check matrices, error-syndrome table. A brief overview of rings and ideals.  Cyclic codes, generator & parity check polynomials, linear sequential circuits (LSCs), implementation of cyclic codes in terms of LSCs.  Finite fields, applications of finite fields to cyclic codes.  BCH codes, the BCH decoding algorithm. A brief overview of convolutional codes.

Part II.  A quick overview of  quantum mechanics, quantum information theory, and quantum cryptography. Various quantum error-correcting codes. Shor's and Grover's algorithms.


There is no specific text.  Students will be given reading assignments from various references.

Supplementary Reading Material from:

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  12. Los Alamos Archive on Quantum Physics to be found at:
  13. Stanford Quantum Computation Archive to be found at:
  14. Journal papers on shift registers and linear sequential circuits
  15. Journal papers on quantum error-correcting codes
  16. Other references to be supplied later


The Course grade will be computed as follows:

	25%	Exam I
	25%	Exam II
	25%	Homework Avg
	25%	Final Exam

Prerequisites:CMSC 203, MATH 221, Reasonable Mathematical & Algorithmic Maturity, and an Intense Desire to Learn

Last Modified: January 27, 1998