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    Instructor               Professor Lomonaco
    Course Number            CMSC 653
    Semester                 Spring 1998

    Author                          Title                                    Reserve Number      Loan Period
    Abell/Braselton        Mathematica by example                          QA76.95.A214 1992         2 HOURS

    Adams/Loustaunau       An introduction to Grobner bases                QA251.3.A32 1994 FOLIO    2 HOURS

    Anderson               Source and channel coding                       QA268.A5 1991             3 HOURS

    Berlekamp              Algebraic Coding theory                         QA268.B46                 3 HOURS

    Blahut                 Theory and practice of error control codes      QA268.B54 1983            3 HOURS

    Char et al             Maple V library reference manual                QA155.7.E4M353 1991       2 HOURS

    Char et al             Maple V: first leaves                           QA155.7.E4F56 1992        2 HOURS

    Char et al             Maple V language reference manual               QA155.7.E4M36 1991        2 HOURS

    Cohen                  Applied algebra, algebraic algorithms and erro  QA268.A35 1993            3 HOURS

    Cohen                  Algebraic coding                                QA268-A4 1992             3 HOURS

    Cohen                  Coding theory and applications                  QA268.C66 1988            3 HOURS

    Cohen                  Coding theory and applications 1988             QA268.T68 1988            3 HOURS

    Corless                Essential Maple                                 QA76.95.C68 1995          2 HOURS
    Ellis,Jr., Wade        Maple V Flight Manual                           QA155.7.E4M35 1992        2 HOURS
    Forney                 Concatenated codes                              QA268.F6                  3 HOURS

    Geddes et al           Algorithms for computer algebra                 QA155.7.E4G43 1992        2 HOURS

    Golomb                 Basic concepts in information theory and codi   QA268.G575 1994           3 HOURS

    Goppa                  Geometry and codes                              QA268.G576 1988           3 HOURS

    Heck                   Introduction to Maple                           QA155.7.E4H43 1993        2 HOURS

    Hill                   A first course in coding theory                 QA268.H55 1988            3 HOURS

    Imai                   Essentials of error-control coding techniques   QA268.E87 1990            3 HOURS

    Ingels                 Information and coding theory                   QA268.153                 3 HOURS

    MacWilliams & Sloa     The Theory of Error-correcting Codes            QA268.M3                  3 HOURS

    Mishra                 Algorithmic algebra                             QA155.7.E4M57 1993        2 HOURS

    Peterson               Error Coding Codes 2nd ed                       QA268.P47 1972            3 HOURS

    Pless                  Introduction to the theory of error-correcting  QA268.P55 1989            3 HOURS

    Rao                    Error-control coding for computer systems       QA268.R363 1989           3 HOURS

    Stinson                Cryptography: theory and practice               QA268.S75 1995            3 HOURS